Chief of King's Parkinson's Research Team

Prof K Ray Chaudhur

Professor K Ray Chaudhuri

Head of Parkinson’s Research at King’s

Research Fellows

Dr Anna Sauerbier

Clinical PhD Fellow

Dr Valentina Leta

Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Katarina Krbot

Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Daniel van Wamelen

Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Hafiz Cotur Levent

Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Diogo Fitas

Clinical Research Fellow

Clinical Team

Ms Miriam Parry

PD Nurse Specialist

Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov

Consultant Neurologist (UHL)

Dr. Prash Reddy

Consultant Neurogeriatrician (KCH)

Ms Julia Johnson

Speech & Language Therapist

Research Coordinators

Ms Alexandra Rizos


Ms Laura Dalrymple

Senior Research Coordinator

Dr. Dhaval Trivedi

Research Coordinator

Ms Lynsey Hall

Research Coordinator

Mr Mubasher Qamar

Clinical Research Assistant

International Faculty & Advisors

Dr Nataliya Titova

Consultant in Movement Disorders

Dr Vinod Metta

Consultant Interventional Neurologist & Movement Disorders Specialist