AI-PROGNOSIS: Artificial Intelligence-driven Parkinson’s personalised early Risk predictiOn and assessment, Guiding treatment optimisatioN and nOvel perSonalised preventIve interventionS

The overarching aim of AI-PROGNOSIS is to create an AI-based behavioural analysis approach for identifying, as early as possible, the Parkinson’s Disease (PD) symptoms appearance, so to create a personalised early PD risk prediction, and to apply novel AI-based preventing interventions countering identified risks based on early PD detection, relating to progressive complications and co-morbidities.

Through the collection of real-world personalised big data and the application of cutting-edge AI technologies for intelligent analytics and recommendations, AI-PROGNOSIS aims to capture older persons’ behavioural patterns and to introduce a number of novel digital biomarkers that enable individualised PD risk prediction, guiding personalised preventive interventions that empower People with Parkinson’s to self-manage their disease, even during pandemic emergencies (e.g., COVID-19).

This person-centre approach, enables healthcare service integration, results in improved individual health outcomes, and provides new means for increasing the knowledge about PD and interpretation of its symptoms and effects.