The KCH Parkinson’s Foundation Centre of Excellence research team in KCH Dubai led by Prof K Ray Chaudhuri , Dr Vinod Metta and Dr Guy Chung Faye have received a pump-priming 100,000AED (£20,684) grant from Parkinson’s United Arab Emirates, Indian pharmaceutical company Celera Neuro Pharma and other donors. The lead of Parkinson UAE Huzaifa Ebrahim with Dr Metta organised a national patient ceremony with attendance from Dubai Health Authority to present the award in Dubai (pictured).                                                    

The funding was awarded last week to Professor Ray Chaudhuri, Movement Disorder Professor and Clinical Director of the Parkinson’s Foundation Centre for Excellence who is also coordinating PD and research at the KCH Dubai site alongside local lead Dr Vinod Metta. 

The research team will use the funding to appoint a part-time consultant at KCH who will work towards developing advanced therapies for Parkinson’s Disease in collaboration with the Parkinson’s Research Alliance of India (PRAI) and KCH Experience. The work is also supported by Kings Global and, following a highly successful inaugural meeting in July 2021 attended by 800 delegates, will host a second joint meeting in July 2022.