The MDS-ES Neuropsychiatry of Movement Disorders course offers a comprehensive overview into the neuropsychiatry
of movement disorders. Recognizing the multiple behavioural domains affected in both hypo- and hyperkinetic movement
disorders, this unique course provides in-depth talks on salient neuropsychiatric aspects.

The primary purpose of the MDS-ES Neuropsychiatry of Movement Disorders course is to equip clinicians with up-to-date knowledge including practical guidelines, assessment tools for diagnosis and evidence-based treatments with the ultimate goal of providing state-of-the art care for the complex needs of our patients with movement disorders.

Upon completion of this activity, learners will be able to:

1. Recognize the range of key neuropsychiatric features of movement disorders

2. Demonstrate ability to assess and diagnose neuropsychiatric disorders in movement disorders

3. Implement an evidence-based treatment plan for neuropsychiatric disorders