The 11th International Congress on Non-Motor Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders (NMDPD) was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia this year!

NMDPD discusses the new developments (pathophysiology, treatment, therapies) in the understanding of non-motor aspects of PD and other movement disorders. During the congress, there are several workshops on different aspects of PD and movement disorders including, biomarkers, neuroimaging and pathophysiology.

The team at King’s Parkinson’s Research Center, were amazing this year with 7 posters presentations, 2 oral poster presentations, and Dr Anna Sauerbier from our team, chaired a session and spoke on sleep in PD. Furthermore, our very own Professor Ray Chaudhuri (NMDPD Congress Chairmen) was delivered several lectures and chaired sessions on PD management, therapy, and symptoms.

Poster presentations 2016

Grilo MR, Qamar MA, Chaudhuri KR [2016] Continous apomorphine infusion and cognition in Parkinson’s Disease. NMDPD
Rajah T, Qamar MA, Sauerbier A, Rizos A, Chaudhuri KR [2016] Gastrointestinal symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease and striatal dopamine transporter (DaTscan) uptake. NMDPD
Sauerbier A, Carr H, Qamar MA, Rizos A, Chaudhuri KR [2016] Self-declared non-motor symptoms profiles amongst Parkinson’s Disease patients of the Asian subcontinent. NMDPD
Evans F, Qamar MA, Grilo M, Martinez-Martin P, Rodriques-Blasquez C, Rizos A, Chaudhuri KR [2016] Assessing the convergent validity of two measures of non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease. NMDPD
Qamar MA, Sauerbier A, Rizos A, Chaudhuri KR [2016] Olfactory dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease and striatal dopamine transporter scan (DaTscan) uptake. NMDPD
Atefi G, Sauerbier A, Perkins L, Martinez-Martin P, Qamar MA, Silverdale M, Chaudhuri KR [2016] Pain in Parkinson’s Disease throughout the disease progression. NMDPD
Cankaya S, Altinayar S [2016] Assessment of non-motor symptoms in Turkish patients with Parkinson’s Disease using the non-motor symptoms questionnaire (NMSQuest). NMDPD

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